It’s not one style, but rather a collection of details, materials and elements that come together to create what your family needs. There’s more detail in the design section that better outline Kennebec style in greater detail, but most deal are really concepts you would expect to find in lake house architecture. For example – porches, decks and patios are required, natural materials and colors are specified, rooms with lots of windows and glass to bring in the views.

What is a little different here is that we would like to see the Kennebec homes a little lower slung and spread out over the lot and developed as possibly a series of structures to keep the massing down. We don’t want these homes to tower over the lake, but rather have them hidden in the trees when viewed from the water – much like some of the early cabins on Lake Martin that are still cherished by families today. They become a part of their site and provide easy access to the water. This is perhaps a little different than what you might find at some other recent lake developments where a more suburban city-style home with big lawns has been transplanted to the lake.

If you want to see the quality of what Kennebec is all about, you should go see our dock on Lot 9. It is a true reflection of the quality and character desired in the homes at Kennebec.