Our development team spent a great deal of time researching what was already built not just at Lake Martin, but also other places around the country. Our research led us to places that are generational family destinations – meaning that generations of families visit these places year after year, forever. Some examples are Highlands or Cashiers, NC; Nantucket, MA; the Adirondacks in upstate New York; Easton, MD; Mackinaw Island, MI; Monteagle, TN, etc. What we determined is that these places not only have a lifestyle, they each have their own architectural vibe. The homes and the landscape become as much a part of the story of place as the people who live there.

It’s not a big suburban-like intown home that makes them tick, but rather a home specific to that place whether it be lakeside, ocean side, in the village or on the side of a mountain. You often see homes that could have evolved over time as the owner’s needs changed and family grew. You see homes that are a part of their landscape. A home that responds to the family’s, the owner’s, and the visitor’s needs. Essentially, a home that becomes the backdrop for the memories made and times the family spends there. That’s what we are trying to achieve at Kennebec. That’s the Kennebec style.