Yes. We thought about the shared spaces and overall development plan a little differently than other projects you might find on Lake Martin.

  • Our roads follow old foot paths or logging roads to the lake and are designed to be narrow without formal curbing. The intent is to make them feel more like old “lake” roads leading down to the houses on the water rather than a traditional sub-division.
  • We’ve specified no traditional post mounted street lights and have called for low voltage LED lighting to be placed in trees and around the property in such a way as to create a more natural moonlight-like glow.
  • While gated for privacy and security, the entrance is intentionally understated, but still special, so visitors have a sense of arrival and your investment is protected when you are not there.
  • But, perhaps the most interesting and dynamic part of the entire land plan is how the cul-de-sacs at the end of each “finger” of land become community gathering spots. One may have a fire pit, another a small orchard and the third a play area. The idea is that while the lots at Kennebec are large and private, we still want to encourage and cultivate a sense of community among the residents.